​To help our customers as well as possible, we have compiled a list of some of the most common questions and answers that have emerged over time. This should be seen as a "self-help" and should you not find answers here, you are of course still very welcome to contact us.

For us, there are no "stupid" questions and of course we would like to share the great knowledge about towel warmers and accessories that we have built up over the time that TVS has existed.


Basically, you have to look at how much wall space you have where it should installed. If you are 2 people we recommend a towel warmer of min. 785 x 500 mm. If you are more persons then we recommend as large towel dryers as possible.

Note that towel dryers are made to dry towels and are not intended for room heating.


All towel warmers from TVS can be used for electricity. You find the model you like best and then mount an electric heater at the bottom of the towel dryer. We have different types of heaters so there is one that fits the model / surface you want.

There is also model ELDO, PLUS 1 and PLUS 2 which are electric warmers. These models does not need to be filled with liquid of any kind.

what "size" should OF heating element ?

Of course, the size of the heating element to use depends on the size of the towel dryer. Most TVS towel dryers require a 300 watt heater.

However, if the size is over 1200 mm in height and 600 mm in width, you can mount a 600 watt heating element. If you install a heating element that is too power full, the heat around the electric heater inside the towel dryer cannot "get away" and you may risk that it will "boil".

However, there will be no damage to either towel dryer or heater if you "mount" a heater that is too large, which has a thermal fuse in all heaters from TVS that turns off before the towel dryer becomes so hot that you can burn get on it.


Weather compensation is a method of adjusting the flow temperature to the current need based on the outside temperature. The idea is that the colder it is outside, the hotter the flow for heating the house needs to be or vice versa, the hotter it is outside, the "colder" the flow can be. This is a legal requirement for new gas and oil boilers as well as heat pumps.

This can be important in choosing a towel warmer if you want to warm it throughout the year. If you choose "only" to install a water filled towel dryer with valves on the central heating system then the heat on the towel dryer will decrease as the outdoor temperature rises.

Here it will be appropriate to choose either to install an electric towel rail (model ELDO, PLUS 1, PLUS 2 or one of the other models with a heating element) or do combination operation. Combi operation is a solution where you have both the towel warmer mounted on your central heating system but besides that you have also mounted a heating element so that when the central heating "shuts down" in the summer you can use the heating element to ensure a constant heat on the towel warmer.


A towel warmer is not a replacement for a regular radiator in a room and cannot be used for room heating.

A towel warmer is designed to dry towels, tea towels, etc. and it will not be usable as a primary heat source in a room. It is a very nice supplement to e.g. floor heating or an ordinary radiator.

This is also why we would never recommend installing a room thermostat on a towel warmer. With this solution, the towel warmer will "shut down" when the temperature in the room becomes too high and then the drying effect will disappear. For water filled towel warmers, use either return thermostat valves or manual regulated valves.

The heat output in watts we have listed on our website is calculated on district / central heating * with a flow temperature of 70 degrees and a return of 40 degrees. If you install a heating element in a water filled towel warmer then the performance will drop a bit as you will then have a "stationary temperature" of about 40-45 degrees.

* Model ELDO, PLUS 1 and PLUS 2 are for electricity only and the services are therefore calculated for electricity operation and not on the basis of flow and return temperatures.

SHOULD there be water ​​IN THE TOWEL warmers WHEN THEY SHOULD be ELECTRIC warmers?

YES - there must be liquid on the towel warmer when installing an electric heating element in it. Clean water from the tap should be used . If there is a risk of degrees below 0 (eg in a cottage), use approx. 10% coolant also. This filling must be done according to the mounting instructions provided with the heater.

However, this does not apply to model ELDO, PLUS 1 and PLUS 2 which is equipped with an electric wire.


YES - If you want to mount back and forth in the top of the towel dryer, make a "reverse riser" and mount it inside the towel dryer. You can use a copper pipe or electric pipe, which must be so long that it can just go inside one of the towel rails vertical. The top of the pipe must be at the bottom edge of the internal threads. Cut the bottom end of the tube for approx. 45 degrees and then leave it inside the radiator.


Mounting it on the flow side causes the water to squeeze into the bottom of the towel warmer and then the heat draws up through the towel warmer. Installing it on the return side causes the water to be "sucked" back from the bottom of the towel warmer, thereby drawing heat through the towel dryer.


If you want something that is simple and that does not have to be regulated on the heat all the time, then it must be manually controlled valves. This type of valve does not take up much space and it is very simple to look at. It controls the temperature of the towel warmer through the flow of water. Turning the valve up will cause a lot of water to run through the towel warmer and it will get hot. If you turn it down, not so much water will run through the towel warmer and it will not be so hot.

If, on the other hand, you want to be able to regulate the temperature of the towel warmer several times during the day, you must choose a valve with return thermostat. This type of valve measures the temperature of the towel warmers water. If the towel warmer gets too cold, it opens to the flow of water until the desired temperature is reached.

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