The Building Products Regulation (CPR) requires the CE marking of a building product to be accompanied by a Performance of Declaration (DoP). 

We have put all our performance declarations on the website so that they are available to anyone who needs them. There should only be a performance declaration on the water filled models.


REACH is an EU Chemical Regulation, adopted in December 2006 and entered into force on the 1st. of June 2007.

The EU has drafted the REACH Regulation to register and document the use of chemical substances to protect people and the environment and increase the company's competitiveness and innovative initiatives.


We hereby confirm that we are aware of EU Regulation EC No. 1907/2006 - REACH (Regulation, Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals).

All the products TVS sells do not release chemical substances to an extent (less than 0.1% by mass), which means that we are responsible for registration, cf. REACH.​

We continuously obtain the necessary information from our suppliers to fulfill our obligations under REACH.

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​For TVS quality is two matters: It is modern design in the trend of the times, suiting any housing environment, and simultaneously it is quality solutions as demanded by the consumers. All products and solutions comply with the necessary tecnical specifications, and they are solidly produced in all details, which gives the products a long durability and a trouble-free use.

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